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Return, Resettlement, Repatriation:
The Future of Palestinian Refugees in the Peace Negotiations

Source: FOFOGNET Digest, 22 April 1996

by Salim Tamari, Institute of Jerusalem Studies

Final Status Strategic Studies
Institute for Palestine Studies
Beirut, Washington, and Jerusalem

February 1996

Table of Contents

I. Final Status Resolution

II. Scope of Negotiations

III. Family Reunification

IV. Problems of Definition

V. Displaced Persons: Interim Solutions for the Refugee Problem

VI. Oslo 2 and Changes in the Status of Returning Palestinians

VII. Breaking the Taboos on Refugees: Peron's Vision

VIII. The Question of Aid to Refugees: Prelude to Liquidation?

IX. Strategic Options in Negotiations over Refugees

X. Highlights of a Strategy for Refugees: Hard Choices for the Palestinian Negotiator

Appendix 1: Refugee Glossary

Appendix 2: The Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement and Guidelines for Residency of Returning Palestinians: An Analysis

Postscript: The Refugees under the Likud

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