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Refugee-Related Research Projects

BADIL - Alternative Information Centre (Bethlehem)

Civitas (Oxford University)

Fafo (Oslo)

Human Rights Watch / Middle East (New York)

International Development Research Centre (Ottawa)

Issam Fares Institute, AUB (Beirut)

Israel/Palestine Centre for Research and Information (Jerusalem)

Malaysian Social Research Institute, Trajectories of Displacement: Intermediate Needs-Assessment Survey and Sociodemographic Profile of Palestinian Refugees in Malaysia. Contact person: Syed Sumayya Firdous

McGill University - Inter-University Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (Montreal)

al-Najah University (Nablus)

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (Jerusalem)

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (Ramallah)

Research Centre for Refugee Studies (Amman)

Royal Institute of International Affairs - Chatham House (London)

Current Doctoral Dissertation Research

Hala Abou-Zaki (hc_abouzaki@yahoo.fr), "Memory and Identity in Shatila camp," Social Anthropology, l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.
Expected completion date: na

Gustavo Barbosa (G.Barbosa@lse.ac.uk), "Becoming a Man under Structural Violence - Shatila, Lebanon", Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics and Political Science
Expected completion date: 2010

Richard Farrow (richiefarrow@yahoo.co.uk), "Palestinian Refugees: Developmental Approaches 1948-2004", University of Manchester, UK; Sociology PhD.
Completed: 2006

Adina Friedman (adina66@hotmail.com), "Palestinian and Israeli Discourses on the Right of Return," Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University.
Completed: February 2006

Luisa Gandolfo (k.l.gandolfo@ex.ac.uk), "Civil Rights and the Palestinian Identity in Contemporary Jordan," University of Exeter, Middle East Studies.
Expected completion date: 2007

Kjersti Gravesaeter Berg (Kjersti.Berg@ahkr.uib.no), "Changing the Landscape of Refugee Camps. UNRWA and the Sheltering of Palestine Refugees 1949-2007", University of Bergen (Norway), History Department.
Expected completion date: September 2010

Nina Gren (Nina.Gren@globalstudies.gu.se), "Legacy of Al Nakba: Politics and Everyday Life in a Palestinian Refugee Camp on the West Bank", Social Anthropology, Göteborg University, Sweden.
Expected completion date: 2008

Monika Halkort (monika@halkort.com), "Taming the Insurgent City: On the Political Economy of Infrastructure in the Reconstruction of an Urban Refugee camp—A Case Study of Nahr el-Bared, lebanon", "Conflict in Cities" Research Programme, Exeter, Cambridge, and Queens Universities.
Expected completion date: July 2011

Anaheed Al-Hardan (alhardaa@tcd.ie), "Remembering the Catastrophe: Uprooted Histories and the Grandchildren of the Nakba", Department of Sociology at Trinity College (University of Dublin).
Expected completion date: 2010

Marte Heian-Engdal (marte.heian-engdal@iakh.uio.no), "From Rhodes Island to Camp david: The Treatment of the Palestinian Refugee Issue in the Different Rounds of Arab-Israeli Peace Negotiations, 1948-78", Department of History, University of Oslo.
Expected completion date: April 2013

Tom Hill (tjwh2@cam.ac.uk), "The Palestinian intellectual and the concept of repatriation 1964-2005", Trinity College, Cambridge, UK.
Expected completion date: October 2006

Nerys Irving-Jones (nerysirv@hotmail.com), "Documenting Dispossession and Exile: The Relevance of International Norms on Registration and Data Management with Regard to a Negotiated Solution to the Palestinian Refugee Problem", University of Exter, PhD Middle East Politics.
Completed: 24th 2008

Nadia Latif (nl2021@columbia.edu), "Home in a Refugee Camp: The Case of Bourj el Barajneh," Department of of Anthropology, Columbia University.
Expected completion date: 2008

Stephanie Loddo (stephanie.loddo@compas.ox.ac.uk), "Trajectories in Exile: Transnational Social Formations among Palestinians in the UK," Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Currently Research Associate at COMPAS, University of Oxford.
Expected completion date: Fall 2006

Ismail Lubbad (lubbad@un.org, ismlubbad@hotmail.com), "Impact des services de l'UNRWA sur le
comportement démographique des réfugiés palestiniens depuis 1948, étude démographique et socio-économique
", École de Paris, France.
Completed: March 2006

Awad Mansour (dawaham99@yahoo.com), "State-creation, state-building and immigrant absorption: the Israeli case and implications on Palestinian refugees", University of Exeter, Middle East Politics.
Expected completion date: 2007

Kalim Ul Masih (kalim.ulmasih@gmail.com), "Community Participation in the Rebuilding Process of the Nahr el-Bared Camp", Lund University, Sweden. International Master in Development and Management.
Expected completion date: May 31, 2008

Mar Gijon Mendigutia (bahara_azraq@yahoo.es), "Palestinian Refugees: Soial Dynamics and Political Activism Leading to the Right of Return", Mediterranean International Studies, Autonoma University, Madrid
Expected completion date: December 2010

Joe Mifsud (joemif@keyworld.net), "Palestinian Refugees in International Law" , University of Malta - Doctor of Law (LLD).
Expected completion date: April 2006

Sarah Parkinson (sparkinson@uchicago.edu), "Reinventing the Resistance: The Organizational Development of Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon After 1982" , University of Chicago .
Expected completion date: 2012.

Terry Rempel (t.rempel@exeter.ac.uk), "The Politics of Refugee Participation: Palestinian Refugees in Comparative Context", University of Exeter.
Expected completion date: Spring 2007

Tina Roeder (roeder@jura.tu-dresden.de), "The Question of Return of Palestinian Refugees, in Consideration of United Nations Approaches" (working title), Technical University of Dresden, Germany, Faculty of Law.
Expected completion date: October 2005

Maha Samman Mansour (mahawad99@yahoo.com), "The future urban development of evacuated Israeli settlements - A Palestinian perspective", University of Exeter, Middle East Politics.
Expected completion date: 2007

Dr. Rami Y. Siklawi (R.Siklawi@ex.ac.uk), "'Shi'a-Palestinian Relations in Lebanon 1967-1990", PhD in Middle Eastern Studies, Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, England.
Completed: 2008

Judith van Raalten (juulvr@gmail.com), "At home across the Jordan river: preference toward exercising the right to return of the younger generations of Palestinian refugees", Brandeis University, Coexistence and Conflict program 5.
Completed: May 2008

Mira Zein (mzein@jhpsh.edu), "Water and Sanitation Politicies in Palestinian Refugee Camps", John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Expected completion: TBA.


If you have a current academic or NGO research project on the Palestinian refugee issue, please send us the details so that we can post them on PRRN. The following information should be sent to info@prrn.org:

  1. project name
  2. sponsoring organization
  3. contact person
  4. address, phone, fax, email, and web page
  5. a 1-2 paragraph description of the project (or of each project)

We will also be posting information on current or recent graduate student research. If you are writing (or have recently completed) a MA or PhD thesis on Palestinian refugees, please send the following information to info@prrn.org:

  1. student name
  2. email address
  3. thesis title
  4. university and program that you are enrolled in
  5. expected completion date
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