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New on PRRN

newJanuary 1, 2013: I will no longer be updating PRRN, although I will leave the site active for the next year or two. In the years since the website was first launched in 1996, much more material on the refugee issue has become available, much more of it is available online, and search engines have improved dramatically—thus lessening the value of maintaining an online repository. Moreover the PRRN blog has provided an easier and more conversational way of addressing the issues, while news updates are better distributed via FOFOGNET.

August 21, 2011: I've done a partial update of the website, with some new material posted to the research papers section. Don't forget to also see the regular posts on the PRRN blog.

December 31, 2010: It's end-of-year update time at PRRN. About twenty new items have been added, including a link to the AUB IFI archive of papers from their October 2010 conference on UNRWA, Saab Erekat's recent op ed on the refugee issue from the Guardian, Canada's 1995 "vision paper" for the multilateral Refugee Working Group, and various other items.

August 16, 2010: We've started some tidying up at PRRN, removing old links and adding some new ones. There's quite a few new items now in the research papers section, and well get on to the other sections in the next few days.

July 25, 2010: PRRN has launched a blog, with commentary and perspectives on the Palestinian refugee issue. You'll find it at http://prrnblog.wordpress.com.

May 26, 2010: Several new videos, documents, and articles have been added to the website—including (in the research papers section) Saeb Erekat's strategy paper "The Political Situation in Light of Developments with the US Administration and Israeli Government and Hamas’ Continued Coup d’etat: Recommendations and Options," unpublished, December 2009; (in the documents section) the unpublished 2009 refugee annex to the Geneva accord; and (also in the documents section) the World Bank's June 2000 study on Aid Effectiveness in the West Bank and Gaza (which has only a few paragraphs on refugees--but I keep being asked for a copy, so here it is!)


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