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Archives: 1998-1999


14 December 1999. We've added a copy of Elia Zureik's recently released paper on Public Opinion and Palestinian Refugees , as well as Donna Arzt's comments on Palestinian Refugee Return to the "research materials" section of PRRN.

1 December 1999. Some sample site statistics.... In the month of November, PRRN was vistied by more than 1,000 visitors from the UN and 35 countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgistan, Lebanon, Luxemberg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

23 November 1999. A link has been added on the front of the PRRN site to Save the Children (UK)'s excellent new "Eye-to-Eye" project on Palestinian refugees.

5 September 1999. The final version of the PRRN/IDRC compensation workshop report is now available (see below). Also, a paper by Ali Zeidan on "Environmental Conditions on Palestinian Camps in Lebanon" has been added to the research papers section. Finally, PRRN can now be reached at the easier-to-remember URL of http://www.prrn.org, in addition to the old McGill address.

30 July 1999 The DRAFT report of the recent PRRN/IDRC " Workshop on Compensation as Part of a Comprehensive Solution to the Palestinian Refugee Problem " has been posted to the site. The FINAL version will be posted in mid-August; in the meantime, comments are welcomed.

25 April 1999 A direct front page link has been added to the new UNRWA website.

1 April 1999 We're pleased to report that IDRC and CIDA have renewed funding for PRRN through 1999-2001.

Since their establishment, the PRRN, PDIN and the UNSCO website have together recorded more than 22,000 visitors. The frequency of visits, moreover, has increased over time. As of March 1999, PRRN was hosting an average of 146 users per week, while the UNSCO site was receiving 74 visits per week--a collective rate of over 10,000 per year.

visitors' origins

The online survey of PRRN and UNSCO website visitors has shown that while the majority of users are from North America (to be expected, given the degree of internet penetration in the US and Canada), a substantial number of Europeans and a quite high proportion of persons from the Middle East visit the sites.

Academic researchers and NGOs make up the two largest identifiable groups of visitors, followed by government officials and journalists.

visitors' type

Moreover, visitors report a very high level of satisfaction with both the PRRN and the UNSCO websites, with over 60% describing the projects as "very useful."


With regard to the various email lists, these have grown in both content and circulation:

  • FOFOGNET (refugees) presently reaches some 188 subscribers in 16 countries, including academics, NGOs and policymakers. An average of 20 issues of FOFOGNET Digest are emailed each month, each containing an average of two items.
  • PALDEV (WB/Gaza development) presently reaches 158 subscribers in 17 countries, again including academics, NGOs and policymakers. An average of 25 issues of PALDEV Digest are emailed each month, each containing an average of three items.

5 January 1999 We've added a front page link to DFAIT's new website on Canada and the peace process . Also, check out the latest UNSCO reports on NGOs and on social and economic conditions in the West Bank and Gaza on the UNSCO website .


30 November 1998 Today, PRRN received its 10,000th visitor. Thanks for the support!

2 November 1998 There are new additions to the research papers section, including an analysis of Palestinian refugees and the peace process by Elia Zureik.

12 June 1998 The International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM) will convene the sixth International Research and Advisory Panel Conference on Forced Migration (IRAP) in Gaza from 13-16 December 1998.

5 May 1998 BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights is now online, and the link to there can be found in the internet resources section. 9 April 1998 We have started to post some of the papers delivered at last month's Warwick refugee conference . In addition, other new additions to the research papers section of PRRN include pieces by Rex Brynen (on the refugee issue in general) and Issa Mahmoud (on the historiography of the village of Lubya). 10 March 1998 A page has been created for the forthcoming conference on "Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Problem: What Role for the International Community?" to be held at the University of Warwick (UK) on 23-24 March 1998. Also, note that the final conference summaries from the December 1997 IDRC/PRRN stocktaking conference on Palestinian refugee research are also available online .

28 February 1998 Yet more additions to the PRRN website, many of them originating on the new website of the Shaml Refugee and Diaspora Centre in Ramallah. The research papers section of PRRN now includes more than 75 online artcles, newsletters, and surveys.

12 February 1998 There have been lots of additions to the PRRN website, starting with a link to FAFO's very useful RWG Projects page . We've also archived some new material in our own research papers section , and posted the final conference report from the recent PRRN/IDRC international "stocktaking" conference on Palestinian refugee research.


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