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Archives: 1996-1997


27 November 1997 A link has been added in the documents section to a recently released background paper on the refugee issue by the Israeli Government Press Office. Also, details of the 1996 Beilin-Abu Mazen plan and the 1997 Beilin-Eitan agreement of possible final status arrangements have been added in the same section.

5 November 1997 Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet and the International Development Research Centre announce a major international stocktaking conference on Palestinian refugee research.

19 September 1997 If you have a Java-capable browser, you've probably already seen it. If not, please take a moment to complete our PDIN/PRRN user survey.

1 September 1997 Thanks to Salman AbuSitta for sending us his paper on the feasibility of the right of return , which can now be found in the research papers section.

6 August 1997 If you missed it earlier on the FOFOGNET email list, we've archived a copy of Clare Woodcraft's recent article on UNRWA , originally published in Palestine Economic Pulse . We've also added an article by Joel Bainerman, links to papers by Salim Tamari and Elia Zureik, via the IPS www site, all in the research papers section.

19 July 1997 Thanks to Ulrike Koltermann for sending PRRN the text of his recent article on Palestinians in Lebanon , published earlier in the Jerusalem Times .

19 June 1997 For those of you who missed the real thing, the speaking notes of Donna Arzt's recent talks at IDRC and CIDA have been added in the research papers section. We've also added the text of the June 1997 issue of the Alternative Information Center's useful Article 74 newsletter. The back issues of Article 74 are no longer on-line at AIC--we'll see if we can get them for you, however.

14 June 1997 The May 1997 issue of the Shaml Newsletter --an indispensible resource on refugee affairs--has been archived to PRRN.

11 June 1997. A recent Human Rights Watch paper on disappearances in Lebanon has been added.

6 June 1997. A number of new documents--on Canada Camp, a speech by RWG gavel-holder Andrew Robinson, and a press release on the May 1997 international mission to Lebanon have been added to the documents section .

16 May 1997. A paper by Rex Brynen on the Refugee Working Group and an interview in Palestine Report have been added to the site.

4 April 1997. A paper by Ramzi Rabah on Palestinian Refugees, Displaced, and the Final Status Negotiations. has been added to the site.

23 March 1997. The February 1997 issue of the Shaml Newsletter is now on-line at PRRN.

14 March 1997. Leila Zacharia's excellent (if rather depressing) paper on Poverty Intensification Strategies: The Case of Palestinian Refugees has been added to the site.

6 February 1997. The full text of Rex Brynen, Sanctuary and Survival: The PLO in Lebanon (Boulder: Westview Press, 1990) has been added to the site.

30 January 1997. A number of small updates have been made to the site. In addition, the PDIN/PRRN NGO Support Project has been launched, to help put information on Palestinian NGOs on the web.

4 January 1997. Happy New Year from PRRN! Recent additions include a report by Aaron Lerner (IMRA) on a recent JMCC poll on Palestinian attitudes toward final status issues.


14 December 1996. The December 1996 issue of the Shaml Newsletter has been added, as well as a press release from the November 1996 RWG coordination meeting.

2 December 1996. We are pleased to offer chapter 4 of Donna Arzt's new book, Refugees Into Citizens: Palestinians and the End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1996). We're also pleased to report that PRRN was recently judged among the "top 5% of the web" by Lycos/Point Communication.

26 November 1996. New additions include the Refugee Working Group project list and an ICAS paper by Hilal Khashan on Palestinians in Lebanon .

November 1996. Future issues of the FOFOGNET discussion list will be archived and searchable, thanks to REFERENCE.COM.

8 November 1996. Julie Peteet's recent article on Palestinians in Lebanon has been added to the research papers section. Thanks to MERIP for permission to archive it on PRRN.

17 October 1996. The Resolving the Refugee Question: Key Issues section has now been completed. Comments are welcomed--in fact, I would like to append some visitor discussion on these issues to the page at a future date.

26 September 1996. An overview paper on the Harvard Project on Refugees has been added to the site, and the section on Palestinian Refugees in the Peace Process has been completed.

22 September 1996. I've posted a draft copy of my paper on final status arrangements, prepared for the forthcoming Centre for Lebanese Studies/Refugee Studies Program (Oxford) conference on Palestinians in Lebanon.

19 September 1996. Thanks to Robert Nowac of McGill's the Faculty of Arts Computing Network, a speedy new search engine has been added to the PDIN and PRRN sites.

23 August 1996. The site has been moved to its new home, at http://prrn.mcgill.ca/prrn/prfront.html. The www.facl.mcgill.ca URL no longer works, so please change your bookmarks accordingly.

The latest issue of the Shaml Newsletter has also been posted.

8 August 1996. Over the last two weeks a number of additional documents from the RWG gavel have been posted to the document section. Also, some interesting data on the district origins of UNRWA-registered refugees has been added here .

In addition, please note that PRRN will be moving to http://prrn.mcgill.ca/prrn/prfront.html in the near future. Adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

21 July 1996. Copies of papers by Rosemary Sayigh and Leila Zacharia have been posted to the research materials section, togetrher with an associated discussion thread from FOFOGNET. In addition, two sets of comments by the RWG gavel have been added in the documents section.

26 June 1996. Two recent speeches by the RWG gavel, Andrew Robinson, have been added in the documents section.

22 June 1996. The first policy guidelines of the new Israeli government have been added. Unfortunately, the McGill FACL server will be down during the holiday weekend of June 20-22.

5 June 1996. An interesting interview with Benjamin Netanyahu's political advisor, Dore Gold, has been added to the research paper section..

2 June 1996. The research section has been split to include a separate documents section, which now includes a search form for UN press releases.

30 May 1996. UNRWA data for Syria and a draft "overview" page added.

22 May 1996. At present--and with a few bugs to iron out--the general architecture of the site is now up and running. The research resources contains a small sampling of the sorts of material that will eventually appear on the site. We are particularly pleased to include copies of the excellent Shaml Newsletter , as well as important papers by Salim Tamari. The internet resources section is more-or-less complete, although there may be some refugee-related links that haven't been added. In addition, a broader set of MEPP-related links is under construction to serve both the PRRN and the future PDIN site (the latter focussing on West Bank/Gaza economic development). The research list should be fairly full and complete, although revisions/updates from project coordinators would be appreciated (as would any reports, etc.)

16 May 1996. First beta-test pages posted on the site. Any users noting graphic or link errors should report them (and, in the first case, the web browser that they are using).


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