Documents on the Refugee Issue

Refugees: Basic Documents

Selected UN Resolutions on Palestinian Refugees (via UN)

UN General Assembly Resolution 194 (III) (11 December 1948) (via Mideastweb)

UN Security Council Resolution 242 (22 November 1967) (via IIS)

Camp David Accords (17 September 1978) (via IIS)

Palestinian-Israeli Declaration of Principles (13 September 1993) (via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel)

Gaza-Jericho Agreement (4 May 1994) (via IIS)

The Geneva Accord

Treaty of Peace between Israel and Jordan (26 October 1994) (via Le Monde Diplomatique)

Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement (and annexes) (28 September 1995) (via MFA)

Clinton Speech on Mideast Peace Parameters, January 7th, 2001.

Palestinian statement on refugees (Taba, January 22nd, 2001) [english, français]

Taba Declaration, January 27th, 2001 [english, français] (via Le Monde Diplomatique)

"Non-Paper": Private response (Israel) to Palestinian refugee paper of January 22, 2001, (Taba, January 23rd, 2001) [english, français]

"Report of the Sharm el-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee" [Mitchell Report], 30 April 2001. (PDF file, 6.2MB)

Report of the Secretary-General prepared pursuant to General Assembly resolution ES-10/10 (Report on Jenin) (May 7th, 2002)

Refugees: Multilaterals

Multilaterals: Israeli Statement on Refugees (27 January 1992) (via IIS)

Multilaterals: US Statement (28 January 1992) (via IIS)

Multilaterals: Israeli Statement (28 January 1992) (via IIS)

Multilaterals: Palestinian Statement (28 January 1992) (via IIS)

Multilaterals: Israeli Statement of (December 1993) (via IIS)

RWG Gavel's Speech at Harvard (February 1995)

What is the Refugee Working Group? (1998) (aussi disponible en français)

RWG 8 (Geneva, December 1995): Backgrounder

RWG 8 (Geneva, December 1995): Press Release

RWG 8 (Geneva, December 1995): Gavel's Press Comments (anglais et français)

RWG Gavel's Speech to the UNRWA Donors' Meeting (Amman, May 1996) (aussi disponible en français)

RWG Gavel Mission to Jordan: Press Comments (Amman, May 1996) (anglais et français)

RWG Gavel's Speech to 1996 UN NGO Symposium (New York, June 1996) (aussi disponible en français)

RWG Project List (October 1996)

RWG Gavel's Speech to the "Palestinians in Lebanon" Conference (Oxford, October 1996)

RWG: Report on Informal Coordination Meeting (November 1996)

RWG: International Mission to Lebanon (May 1997) (anglais et français)

Beirut Declaration: The Council of the League of Arab States at the Summit Level, at its 14th Ordinary Session, March 2002

Refugees: Continuing ("Quadripartite") Committee

Quadripartite Commitee: Statement (7 March 1995) (via IIS)

Quadripartite Committee: Israeli Statement on Experts Meeting (6 June 1995) (via IIS)

Refugees: Other

Australia: Aid to the Palestinian Authority 2000 (via Ausaid)

Canada and the Peace Process (Main)

Canada - DFAIT: Introduction to the Refugee Working Group

Canadian Policy on the Peace Process

Canada - DFAIT Speeches

Canadian Initiatives

Canada: Press Release on Canada Camp (March 1996) (anglais et français)

Canada: Press Release on Canada Camp (May 1997)

Fateh: The Palestinian Refugee Issue from a Fateh Perspective

Israel: Main Points of Beilin-Abu Mazen Plan (October 1995) (PDF file)

Israel: Beilen-Eitan Agreement (January 1997) (via US-Israel)

Lebanon: Birri on the "Canadian Conspiracy" (November 1994)

Palestinian Refugees in Iraq (PDF file)

PLO: Displaced Persons (interim issues)

PLO: Frequently Asked Questions on Refugees

PLO: Refugees (permanent status issues)

PLO: Qaddumi on Refugees, Lebanon, Canada (November 1996)

UNRWA: UNRWA Mandate (August 1996)

UNRWA: Annual Reports (via UN)

UN: Press Release on 1996 European NGO Symposium

US: Support for UNRWA (January 1998) (via US DoS)


United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine

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