Rex Brynen, Sanctuary and Survival: The PLO in Lebanon (Boulder: Westview Press, 1990).


Table of Contents



1. Dilemmas of Sanctuary
Insurgents and Sanctuaries: A Framework for Analysis
Insurgent Strategy and Decision-making
2. The Palestinians and Lebanon
al-Nakba: Palestinians in Exile and Diaspora, 1948-67
The Lebanese Sanctuary
Sect, Class and Identity: A Brief Political Economy of the Lebanese System
al-Thawra: The Emergence of the Palestinian Movement, 1967-
The PLO in Lebanon
3. Rising Tensions (1969-75)
From Cairo to Verdun: Implementing the Cairo Agreement
Roots of the Crisis
From the Milkart Protocols to the Civil War
4. The Lebanese Civil War (1975-76)
The Opening Rounds, April-December 1975
Escalation, January 1976
Towards Intervention, February-May 1976
Damascene Steel, June-October 1976
5. Battles on Three Fronts (1976-78)
The Syrian Challenge
The Quadripartite Committee and Shtura Agreement
Back to the Front: The War in the South, 1976-78
Operation Litani
6. Countdown to Confrontation (1978-82)
Lebanese Repercussions
Camp David and the War in the South, 1978-81
The July Crisis
Readying for the Invasion, July 1981-June 1982
7. Maintaining Sanctuary
The PLO in Lebanon, 1969-82: An Assessment
PLO Decision-making in Lebanon
Maintaining Sanctuary
8. Aftermath: The PLO in Lebanon since the 1982 War
The Struggle for Survival
Centrifugal Pressures
Amal, Syria, and the War of the Camps
The PLO and Lebanon: Continuing Challenges
Lebanon, the Intifada-and Independence?


Appendix: The Cairo Agreement (1969)