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Other Periodicals

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Arab World (Beirut). [Herein AW].

Arab World Weekly (Beirut). [Herein AWW].

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__________ /Joint Publications Research Service. Translations of Near East, Translations on Near East and North Africa. [Herein JPRS].

al-Hadaf (PFLP-Beirut, Damascus).

al-Hurriyya (DFLP-Beirut, Nicosia, Damascus).

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Personal Interviews

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'Abd al-Hadi, Sa'id. Member of DFLP Central Committee; Secretary of DFLP International Relations Department. Damascus, 18 December 1986.

'Abd al-Rahim, Tayyib. Director of Fateh broadcasting 1969-70; director of Voice of Palestine 1973-78; member of PNC 1977-, member of CC 1983- ; former PLO amabassador to China and Egypt; member of Fateh Revolutionary Council 1980- . Cairo, 18 January 1987.

'Abd al-Rahman, As'ad. Member of PNC 1969- , CC 1977- . Amman, Several conversations in December 1986 and July-August 1989.

Abu Kuwayk, Samih. Member of Fateh Revolutionary Council 1968-83; member of Fateh Central Committee 1980-83; member of PNC and CC 1980-84. Damascus, 17 December 1986.

Abu Layla. Member of DFLP Politburo 1969- . Damascus, 10 February 1987.

Abu Lughod, Ibrahim. Independent member of PNC. Conversations in August 1986 and September 1987.

Abu Mayzar, 'Abd al-Muhsin. Member of PNC 1973-87; member of CC 1974-87; member and official spokesman of EC 1974-84; official spokesman of the PNSF. Damascus, 9 February 1987; 2 August 1989.

Abu Ramadan, Majdi. Independent member of PNC; member of EC 1967-68, 1977-81. Cairo, 16 November 1986, 1 December 1986.

Ahmad, 'Abd al-Rahim. General Secretary of ALF 1977- ; member of PNC 1972- ; member of CC; member of EC 1977- . Amman, 28 December 1986.

'Arafat, Fathi. President of PRCS; member of PNC. Cairo, 3-4 February 1987.

'Arafat, Yasir. Founding member of Fateh and Chairman of Fateh Central Committee; Commander-in-chief of PLO forces; member of PNC, CC, Chairman of PLO EC 1969- . Baghdad, 29 December 1986.

Bakr, Ibrahim. Independent member of PNC 1968- , member of PLO CC 1973-84, member of PLO EC 1969. Amman, 20 August 1989.

Dajani, Ahmad Sidqi al-. Independent member of PNC 1964- ; member of PLO CC 1973­ ; member of PLO EC 1966-67, 1977-84. Cairo, 9 December 1986.

Fahum, Khalid al-. Independent member of PNC 1964- ; Speaker of PNC 1971-84; member of CC 1973-84; member of EC 1964-65, 1967-69. Damascus 20 December 1986.

Hilal, Jamil. Member of DFLP Central Committee; Secretariat, General Union of Palestinian Writers and Journalists; member of PNC 1983- . Damascus, 20 December 1986.

Jiryas, Sabri. Director of Palestine Research Center; member of PNC. Personal correspondence, December 1985.

Khalaf, Salah. Founding member of Fateh and member of Fateh Central Committee; director of PLO Unified Security. Tunis, 24 and 27 January 1987.

Labadi, Mahmud. Director of PLO Foreign Information Department 1974-82. Damascus, 17 December 1986.

Milhelm, Mustafa. Independent member of PNC 1974- , member of CC 1976- . Amman, 25 December 1986.

Muhi al-Din, Sabir. Member of PFLP Politburo. Damascus, 18 December 1986.

Muragha, Sa'id Musa. Commander of PLO/Joint Forces in south Lebanon 1972-77; deputy director of PLO/Joint Forces Central Operation Room 1977-82; member of Fateh Revolutionary Council 1980-83; leader of Fateh rebellion 1983- . Damascus, 10 February 1987.

Qadi, 'Isam al-. General Secretary of the Ba'th Party (Palestine region) 1972- ; member of Politburo, Ba'th pan-Arab Command 1975- ; member of PNC and CC 1975- ; General-Secretary of al-Sa'iqa 1979- ; member of PLO EC 1979-80. Damascus, 20 December 1986, 3 August 1989.

Salih, 'Abd al-Jawad. Former mayor of al-Bireh (deported by Israel in 1973); member of PLO EC 1974-81. Amman, 24 July 1989.

Shaka'a, 'Umar al-. Official in PLO Department of Popular Organizations 1968-71; PLO Political Department 1971- . Amman, 23 December 1986.

Sha'th, Nabil. Member of PNC 1969- , chairman of PNC Political Committee, member of PLO CC 1970- ; director of PLO Planning Center 1971-81, advisor to the PLO Chairman for International Relations, Education 1982- ; chairman of Fateh General Congress, member of Fateh Revolutionary Council 1971- . Cairo, 9 November 1986 and 8 January 1987.

Wazir, Khalil al-. Founding member of Fateh and member of Fateh Central Committee; Deputy Commander of PLO Forces. Baghdad, 29, 30 December 1986. (Assassinated 16 April 1988 in Tunis by Israeli forces.)

Zibri, Mustafa al-. PLO EC 1987- ; Deputy Secretary-General of the the PFLP, member of the PFLP Politbureau. Damascus, 10 February 1987.



PNC - Palestine National Council

CC - PLO Central Council

EC - PLO Executive Committee



Positions acquired subsequent to the time of interview are not noted.