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Table 1: Summary of the Return Plan



(note d) (note e)
Present New

Area NOTE Designation Description Area Jews Palestinians Jewish % Density Density

(sq. km.)

(sq. km.) (000's)


Jewish-controlled Land 1,682 a A largely Jewish 1,683 3,078 991 76% 1,934 2,418

Remaining Palestinians Land 1,465 b B mixed 1,318 419 1,037 29% 482 1,106

Expelled Palestinians Land 17,178 c C largely Palestinian 17,324 803 3,460 19% 82 246

Total Israel 20,325

20,325 4,300 5,488 44% 261 482

December 1994 figures
a See Hadawi, App. VI, p.230. This area includes public land, concessions, other transfers. Area duly registered is about half, or 3.6% of Palestine.

Cf Survey of Palestine report to the Anglo-American Committee on Palestine at 1,392 sq.km., correcting for Turkish donums.

Zionist sources: Granott: 1,588 sq.km., Y. Weitz map: 1731 sq.km., both include concessions.

See Hadawi, App. VII, p.242.

Based on compilation of individual village ownership, see Abu-Sitta. Also see Hadawi, App. VIII, p.247, 248.

No change from 1994 figures, although some may emigrate, typically 17%.

Existing (1994) and returning refugees (4.476 million), although some may not return but still hold the right to return.

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