The Future of UNRWA

Minster Lovell (UK), 19-20 February 2000



Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet ( has organized a series of academic workshops on important aspects of the Palestinian refugee issue, in an effort to promote innovative thinking and effective policy planning in advance of an eventual permanent status agreement. The February 2000 workshop focused on UNRWA's potential role in, and possible contribution to, such an agreement. It was based on the assumption that any substantial change in UNRWA's mandate, transfer of UNRWA services to host governments, or termination of the agency would occur only after, or simultaneously with, the implementation of a just settlement of the Palestinian refugee issue.

This workshop was cosponsored by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London) and the International Development Research Centre (Ottawa), with the generous support of the governments of the United Kingdom and Canada.

This site includes a list of workshop participants, the final conference report , and selected papers/submissions.

The PRRN/IDRC compensation workshop was funded by IDRC and the Canadian International Development Agency thrrough the Expert and Advisory Services Fund. PRRN is a project of the Interuniversity Consortium for Arab Studies (Montréal).

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