Internet Resources on the Refugee Issue

Governments and International Organizations: Palestinian Refugees

Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Information on Canadian foreign policy and the Middle East peace process, with particular emphasis on the Refugee Working Group.

Israel Information Service Description of the multilaterals/RWG, quadripartite committee, and Israel's position. Documents are archived on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' gopher server

Palestinian National Authority Links to various Palestinian Authority sites, courtesy of Palestinian Development InfoNet.

US State Department (Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs) General information on the bilateral and multilateral peace process, and US foreign policy. Further information can be found on the website of the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

United States Committee for Refugees (USCR) Dedicated to promoting refugee protection and assistance in all regions of the world.

UNDP-PAPP UNDP's Program of Assistance to the Palestinian People.

UNRWA A UN gopher site with limited information on UNRWA.

Further information on refugees is also available from the UN Department of Political Affairs.

NGOs: Palestinian Refugees

ADPCL--Association for the Development of Palestinian Camps in Lebanon.

ANERA--the home page of American Near East Refugee Aid, with program descriptions for the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon.

BADIL--the BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, with information about Palestinian residency and refugee rights including past and present publications, statistical data, press releases, and the ARTICLE 74 newsletter.

Dheisheh refugee camp-- Articles, children's essays and information about Dheisheh refugee camp.

GCMHP--the Gaza Community Mental Health Project.

Research Programs: Palestinian Refugees

Alternative Information Center is a very useful site, containing--in addition to information on their project on Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights--action alerts, the newletter News From Within, and other materials.

Fafo This includes information on Fafo, summaries of projects and publications (including those pertaining to refugees), and email addresses.

Gaza: Legacy of Occupation An excellent photographic essay on Gaza, including the situation of "Canada Camp."

IGCC-Refugees The refugee component of the University of California Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation's project on the multilateral peace process. Includes background info, links to conference papers, and an email discussion network.

Nahr El-Bared Camp Website An Across Borders Project Website In Nahr El-Bared Hosted by Association Najdeh.

SHAML--the excellent website of the SHAML Refugee and Diaspora Centre.

General Resources on Refugees and Population

Centre for Refugee Studies (York University) The Centre for Refugee Studies is engaged in research on refugee issues; it informs public discussion as well as policy development and practice innovation by international, governmental, advocacy and service organizations; and it supports teaching in refugee and migration studies.

Immigration and Refugee Board (Canada) The official website of the Canadian government IRB contains a searchable database of both background reports and questions/answers arising from refugee claims, including a substantial number of cases involving Palestinian claimants.

International Organization for Migration

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

Refugee News (last updated 1997)

Refugee Studies Centre (Oxford)

UNHCR The United Nations High Commission for Refugees website.

General Internet Resources

ICAMES Internet Resources General links on the Middle East, provided by the Interuniversity Consortium for Arab Studies.

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